Hanging on

Hanging On

“The football in the middle is hanging by a thread representing the clubs state with the seahorses and magpie hanging on.”

Heading towards oblivion – 1989 – 1992

They had little money, star players had gone south and crowds dwindled. Several managerial changes took place – Jim Smith and Ossie Ardiles could not stop the rot. With the club hovering on the brink of a further, potentially catastrophic, relegation Newcastle United needed a savior.

The stars shooting out hold the figures from the previous painting to represent the players who were sold in this financially troubled time as distant memories.”

  • Peter Beardsley. A distant Newcastle star as he now played for liverpool
  • Another distant star with Keegan retired
  • Gazza just a memory as he was now shooting for spurs
  • Waddle Another Geordie star now shooting for spurs

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