New menu announced

Worst Ham Uneedit announced their new menu today which will be served in the club’s executive boxes. The Spammer’s chefs told reporters today that this is a very proud moment for them in their achievement to take Luncheon meat to a new level.

The Menu

Fried luncheon meat
Fried in chunky crispy batter served with a spoon.

Luncheon meat on toast
Thinly sliced luncheon meat served on toast with a touch of pepper.

Luncheon meat and chips
Chopped Luncheon meat and chips served with salt & vinegar and a plastic fork.

Pickled luncheon meat
Luncheon meat soaked in vinegar topped with a pickled onion.

Luncheon butty
Microwaved luncheon meat in a bread bun with brown sauce.

Luncheon meat roll
Like a sausage roll but with luncheon meat inside.

Luncheon meat pasty
Mashed luncheon meat and potato wrapped in a thin pastry served with a bit of tomato sauce to dip it in.

Luncheon meat pie
A chunky meaty luncheon meat pie (may contain gristle)

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