Evertongue Wood Cut

Evertongue Wood Cut



Handcrafted embellished wood cut for hanging, comes with a hanging label news report.

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Product Description

Hanging embellished woodcut

These handcrafted pieces start with a basic woodcut shape approximately 16cm x 12cm. These are then hand painted with acrylics and paper pieced using our unique prints to create a more rustic 3D representation of your favourite players.

Hanging label news report included. The text on the label:


A much needed win was secured today for Evertongue against Sheffield Whenstheday after 4 straight losses in the Premear League.

The press have branded them as “ball lickers” wasting too much time licking the ball, but despite this Evertongue took all 3 points with a 2-0 win over the visitors.

The first goal came in the 23rd minute with a lick over the keepers head and the match was settled in injury time with a stunning overhead lick.


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