Hull Zitty double frame (front)
Hull Zitty double frame (reverse side)

Hull Zitty – Double sided frame



Double sided frame with Hull Zitty character in the front and a news report on the reverse.

Product Description

  • Frame: ABS plastic
  • Front protection: Clear Plastic
  • Colour: Green

Assembled size

  • Height: 21cm
  • Width: 12cm
  • Picture height: 15cm
  • Picture width: 10cm

Text on reverse:


Ahead of training this week an eye specialist was called in to the club in an effort to find out why the players can’t spot the ball. Tests included newspaper cuttings of spot the ball competitions which saw some good results from the players.

Following this confidence was high but a 4 – 0 defeat at home to Loverpull showed much of the same failure to spot the ball. Focus is now on the club psychiatrist who said “I don’t think the answer lies with eye tests, its a matter of focusing attention. Their minds are clearly elsewhere, but that’s what you’d expect with a team of adolescents.”


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