Middlesbra framed print 22cm x 28cm

Middlesbra framed print 22cm x 28cm



Middlesbra framed print with news report.

Product Description

Frame: Fibreboard, Foil
Front protection: Clear Plastic
Colour: Green

Assembled size

  • Frame height: 22cm
  • Frame width: 28cm
  • Picture height: 24cm
  • Picture width: 18cm

Key features

  • Front protection in durable plastic makes the frame safer to use.
  • Can be used hanging or standing

The text in the frame:


“Boooooooooooob!” is what echoed around the Middlesbra stadium today where they took on Hull Zitty in a clash that ended in a goalless draw.

It was unclear whether the home fans were boobing their own or the
opposition players, and sometimes it seem like they were boobing both sides.

Maybe they just like boobing.


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