Robberham Unickedit Wood Cut

Robberham Unickedit Wood Cut



Hand crafted embellished wood cut for hanging, comes with a hanging label news report.

Product Description

Hanging embellished woodcut

These handcrafted pieces start with a basic woodcut shape approximately 16cm x 12cm. These are then hand painted with acrylics and paper pieced using our unique prints to create a more rustic 3D representation of your favourite players.

Hanging label news report included. The text on the label:


Police were called in earlier today after Evertongue hosted Robberham Unickedit in a goalless draw. Attention was focused elsewhere after both players and fans reported missing possessions.

Over 2000 Fans have reported having their pockets picked in various places around the city today and many have lost watches and bags. Footballs and kits have gone missing from the ground and the dressing room for the away players has been stripped bare. They even took the taps and shower heads.

The home club are demanding answers and police have focused their investigation in Romarsh where they have over 100 suspects.


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