Topman Hatspares Wood Cut

Topman Hatspares Wood Cut



Hand crafted embellished wood cut for hanging, comes with a hanging label news report.

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Product Description

Hanging embellished woodcut

These handcrafted pieces start with a basic woodcut shape approximately 16cm x 12cm. These are then hand painted with acrylics and paper pieced using our unique prints to create a more rustic 3D representation of your favourite players.

Hanging label news report included. The text on the label:


The Topman Hatspares manager reached boiling point this week branding his own players as a bunch of brainless morons. “They can’t follow simple instructions, it just goes in one massive ear and out of the other.”

Following a heavy 4-1 defeat at the weekend against Loverpull, the manager is now making his own players wear insulting hats during training until they learn to follow instructions.


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