Vest Bromrage Albion Wood Cut

Vest Bromrage Albion Wood Cut



Hand crafted embellished wood cut for hanging, comes with a hanging label news report.

Product Description

Hanging embellished woodcut

These handcrafted pieces start with a basic woodcut shape approximately 16cm x 12cm. These are then hand painted with acrylics and paper pieced using our unique prints to create a more rustic 3D representation of your favourite players.

Hanging label news report included. The text on the label:


Ahead of today’s match against Manfester Shitty the Vest Bromrage Albion manager was in short supply of first team players. Their last game saw 3 of their players sent of for assaults on the opposition and with 6 injured from training ground violence earlier in the week, a weaker but just as angry side had to hold the fort.

The final score was 3–2 to Manfester Shitty in a game where Vest Bromrage received 4 red cards for raging attacks on the opposition and the ref. It is reported that there was a bust up in the dressing room after the game resulting in further injuries.

The club have brought in an anger management specialist who is practicing counting backwards from ten, but since most of the players can’t even count to ten yet it is feared that progress will be slow.


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