It all ended in tears

Loverpull visited Mansister Uknitted this week for a game which was full of drama, huffs and tears. Loverpull scored the opening goal after the ref awarded them a penalty for a slap on the face. The Uknitted defender claimed that the Loverpull number nine was making vulgar gestures which provoked the slap. The penalty was scored and the Uknitted player walked off the pitch in the huff.

Half way through the first half the home side equalised with a header but instead of celebrating the player ran off the pitch to comb his hair after the header messed it up.

The 2nd half saw three Uknitted players run off the pitch crying. The first was tripped over, the second was kicked in the leg and the third was too upset to play after his own goalkeeper shouted at him for ball watching which was the cause of the third goal putting the visitors ahead.

All subs used and with only ten men the home side struggled and conceded a third in the 67th minute. The lack of support didn’t help much either after most of the fans left halfway through the second half to get their nails done.

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