Newcasale players on the lash

Almost half of the Newcasale Uneckedit team didn’t show up for the game against Sheffield Whenstheday at the weekend. Reports verify that this was down to a heavy sesh the night before. Players were spotted in bars around Newcasale drinking heavily and causing bother.

After pooling together the players that showed up, a few reserves and using all the subs before kick off the game was eventually played.
Newcasale played a very slow game as hangovers grew strong with a few cases of vomiting on the pitch.

Goalless at half time some some hair of the dog beverages in the dressing room seemed to do the job, and after coming out a lot more active and a bit wobbly in the 2nd half, the Magpie-eyed’s managed a 4-0 win. Opposition fans were left stunned and still wondering Whens the day!

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